TFI: Tip #3

"... my priorities do shift around quite a bit from those of 'the expiring'. For example, I am genuinely worried about the life span of the sun. In billions of years, when the sun collapses and the solar system crumbles, will I... we... just be left here, careening through space like debris? It sounds dreadfully boring." - Entry in the personal journal databanks of the Meganet, user Anonymous, year 2087 _________ This concludes the first series of Tips for Immortals. Thanks for reading and for all of your feedback! We really hope you've enjoyed it. B and I are both very happy with how this little experiment went. If you'd like to read it all from start to finish, links to the other six are provided below: TFI issue 1 TFI issue 2 TFI issue 3 TFI issue 4 TFI issue 5 TFI issue 6 Our hope is that this is not the end for TFI. There's a lot of exciting directions to explore with this character; we see huge potential. So if you like what you've seen, and are hoping for more, you might just be in luck (also, let us know, because we love to hear about it :)). We'll keep you posted, so stay tuned. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Share/Bookmark

16 thoughts on “TFI: Tip #3

  1. A great set of tips. I think I need to put some into my gaming (I’m tired of not dying often. It takes away a lot of the game)

    1. It’s all part of it.

  2. That’s a bit over the top and think of the collateral damage a (what I am perceiving to be) nuke going off would cause.

    1. He’s out in the desert for a good reason. Also, have you considered perhaps he has exhausted his other options?…

  3. It’s interesting to know the thought processes of this immortal man. Would love to see longer stories about him. Great fun on the art, Brandon!

    1. Thanks Mark! Ask and ye shall receive :)! We haven’t heard the last of him.

  4. I love this series so far. It’s an intriguing story, and I’d love to see where you take it next.

    1. Thanks Justin! We’re looking forward to it too :).

  5. This was really good. I totally enjoyed these tips. His tales could continue forever.

    No pun included. 🙂

    1. Thanks George! Agreed, definitely a lot of stories to tell here.

  6. This reminds me of the hulk.

    1. Ah right, he couldn’t kill himself. Something tells me he wouldn’t go quite this far…

  7. This really makes me glad I’m not immortal. I’ve loved your who immortal set! Lovely set of tragic tips.

    1. Thanks very much :)!

  8. Awesome to hear we’re gonna get more TFI! This is a really great idea! Way to go, Brothers Oliver!

    1. Much appreciated, Warren :)!

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