TFI: Tip #73

"I don't understand it... the markings here make no sense. I haven't made out much so far, just this - 'The King, who was at our head. Let the imperishable star live forever in the sky. Escape not, the day of death. The steps of darkness are revealed at last.' A Pharaoh, that much is clear. But his name is not translatable, the symbol here is not any hieroglyph I've ever seen before. The dates here, describing the time of his rule... they're complete gibberish. And since this tomb has clearly been sealed for thousands of years, I must ask the most puzzling question of all... why is the sarcophagus empty?" - Journal entry from 1952, written by an explorer of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Sakkara ---------- If you're looking to get up to date on what we're doing here, here's backlinks to the first four TFIs: TFI issue 1 TFI issue 2 TFI issue 3 TFI issue 4 Just two left after this! Enjoy :). ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Share/Bookmark

20 thoughts on “TFI: Tip #73

  1. Even though TFI is not supposed to be funny. I think panel 2 is pretty hilarious. 🙂

    1. Agreed 🙂

  2. I suppose an immortal must learn patience, while waiting to get out of his tomb. Or perhaps he chooses to wait in his tomb until those who killed him have all died, and no one can remember him. That in itself makes for an interesting story.

    1. It would be difficult to keep track of the days in that dark place. Perhaps he rose too early, and was seen, and a certain legend began.

  3. One perk of immortality is he can at least try again after awhile in a different land. Given those ages, he could also play the deity card and get away with it when people start to wonder why he’s not aging (requiring he isn’t overthrown by then).

    1. Good point! I wonder if he’d ever tire of trying…

  4. At least they buried him aboveground.

    1. True! He was lucky. This time, anyway…

  5. Sir, Mr. Long is really getting quite impatient, and there’s a Mr. Savage on the other line now.

    1. Yeeeeeah, you’ve still totally lost me here. Help a brother out?

        1. lol, comment retracted. Sorry for getting riled up ;). I actually didn’t know DC had that character, that’s kinda cool.

  6. Hey, us immortals gotta stick together. ;0

    1. Darn tootin 🙂

  7. I like the quotes you’ve been putting that relate to the comment. It reminds me that reality is also quite strange.

    1. Much research was done ;).

  8. I am very intrigued with the TFI concept. The art has looked fantastic, by the way!

    1. The art really has been fantastic! Hats off to B :).

  9. This journal idea is open to a lot of great possibilities! Love the juxtaposition of the graphics with the journal entry. Great job on the art, Brandon!

    1. Thanks Mark! We’ve really been enjoying it. Hopefully it gets a good enough response that we feel we can keep doing it (though we may just do it anyway :))

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