TFI: Tip #8

" my troubled sleep, I see her face. She invades my dreams. Soft features, satin hair, and eyes like emerald pools... she calls out to me from across a river, or a field, or a bottomless chasm... but I can't quite make out the words. I want to go to her. I want to kiss her. I want to lie, and tell her that everything is going to be okay. But when I finally reach her, she doesn't know me anymore, and while frozen in a stranger's stare she starts to blow away, turning to dust in the wind... Oh my sweet. Oh my darling. Oh my... wait... what was her name?... " - Translated from Czech, found scrawled in the back of a water-damaged book in a monastic library, Prague, Castle District. ---------- For a while we've been talking about a special non-comedy summer feature comic. We are very pleased and excited to introduce today, the first issue of Tips for Immortals. This comic follows the story of a truly immortal man, each issue detailing a single piece of wisdom, a tip, that he wishes to impart to any other immortal being that may exist in the world. For seven issues, through his advice, we'll delve into his immense history, his complex psyche, and the philosophical ramifications of a man forced to exist eternally. We really hope you like it. I know it's a bit of a departure from our usual antics, but if you decide this isn't your thing, don't fret... we'll continue to make jokes about penises and video games on Fridays. Please, let us know what you think. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Share/Bookmark

25 thoughts on “TFI: Tip #8

  1. TFI: Tip #8
    TFL = Tips for Immortals
    Why start with Tip #8 and not #1?

    So we have a knight, cowboy, modern day man and a ninja? Correct me if i’m wrong.
    And they all seem to have a symbol. Exept for the modern man. Maybe he has a tatoo?

    Now I have even more questions? Will they be answered?

    1. I’ll help out as much as I can! The tips will not be given “in order”, you’ll see that number jump around a lot.

      You’re mostly right, except the last one is from an unspecified future. And look a little closer for that symbol on the immortal in the modern day.

      If you have any other questions, I’m happy to try to answer them if I can :).

  2. Tips for Immortals, I like the sound of that and it’s a new twist to your style of comics! Looking forward to it, guys!!

    1. Thanks Jenn :)!

  3. I’m pretty sure #3 is Bruce Wayne. Just sayin’.

    1. Dark Knight on the brain :)?

  4. A tip for him: learn to let go. Going through life without any kind of companion would be lonely even if he is immortal.

    First glance, I thought panel two was a wick to blow something up. Looks great, ether way.

    1. But you have to wonder how you would feel if you’d done it countless times before. If it makes you feel any better, it’s clear by the comic that he’s been unable to take his own advice.


    1. Fucking thank you :).

  6. So the secret project is finally unveilved.
    I’m going to be paying extra close attention to these.

    Hmm… Interesting symbol.

    1. Hope you enjoy them! Interesting symbol indeed :).

  7. The great downside to immortality. Very nice.

    1. Thanks! More to come (not all downsides though :)).

  8. Wait which ones of your previous strips were supposed to be comedy? Do I have to go back and read all of them?

    1. You should probably just read all of them, I KNOW there’s one or two in there.

  9. I’m really excited to see this unfold.

    1. Awesome, thanks Justin! We’re pretty excited too :).

  10. Wow! So you guys are doing a longform webcomic special this summer? How exciting! Can’t wait to read more.

    1. Thanks :)! Yeah, bit of a new thing for us, but we’re pretty psyched.

  11. Wise words. He’s had a lot of time to think about it too! Looking forward to this new concept, Bros O!

    1. Thanks Mark! It’s clear that he isn’t always capable of following his own advice.

  12. Isn’t the fact that he is holding his junk in all the panels mean it is a penis joke?

    1. If you look hard enough, you can find the penis in anything :).

      1. hahah…he said “hard” enough

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