The Dark Knight Trolls

Perhaps we have stooped to a new low... but then why does it feel so right :)? Saw it on Tuesday. More thoughts on that later (and in an upcoming podcast!), but I'll save you the suspense and say that I enjoyed it very much. Was it as good as the second one?... no. But who could really expect them to top The Dark Knight? Plus, I feel like Rises has some pacing issues (minor, but noticeable). But they did a wonderful job of bringing a close to the trilogy and it delivered on everything I expected/hoped. If you haven't seen it yet... well, I guess it hasn't been out that long, but go do that. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

23 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Trolls

  1. This seems too fancy. You guys sold out!

    1. Sorry, the money was too good.

  2. Please please please tell me I’m not the only one who hears a slide whistle for this? 🙂

    1. You’re not alone :).

  3. Simple, Funny, Extremely well executed. Thanks for the laugh

    1. Anytime :).

  4. I just don’t seem to have enough interesting to want to watch Dark Knight Rises. I don’t know. I don’t hate Batman at all, but for some reason I’m just not interested. But then again, it took me over a year to watch Transformers 3.

    1. I’m telling you, it’s well worth it. Batman fan or no.

  5. oohh look at mr animation.

    1. That’s MR. Animation to… oh wait…

  6. Hilarious and well done. It’s like a gravelly-voiced version of Whack-a-Mole.

    1. Whack-a-Bat!

  7. I imagine him singing his own theme music.

    1. Na na na na na na na na.

  8. When did he install a bounce house in the Batcave? Love it, Brandon!

    1. Dude’s gotta have fun every now and again.

  9. A good movie, and ending to the franchise. Maybe not quite as good as the first or second, but the bar was set really high.

    1. I’d put the 1st and 3rd in similar categories of awesome, but the 2nd can’t be beat.

  10. Somehow, I envision him playing with a wee baby!

    This one gave me a good laugh, thanks for that.

    1. Happy to :).

  11. Haha, this is fantastic!

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